Search Engine Optimization

The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to have organic traffic to your website from Google. No matter how good your site looks, no one will find it when searching Google without SEO. There are several determining factors such as content, how fast your website loads, and how mobile friendly it is.

Our Method To SEO

Google ranks websites on several factors, and this will determine where your website will show on the page when someone searches a certain phrase. We target phrases about your fisheries with the goal of your website showing on the first page of the Google results. 

The higher your website ranks on the results, and the more phrases you rank for, the more views you’ll receive. More views means more potential customers, and with a well built website, will mean more business.

We start with the basics of site speed and designing a mobile friendly website. Our belief is that having a strong base to start from will help all of our other efforts.

The bulk of our time is put towards writing content on your blog that answers questions customers may have pertaining to your fisheries. This will be articles such as “The best time to fly fish for Rainbow Trout in Colorado” or “8 Tips to catch more salmon back bouncing”. These types of articles will not only help your website rank on Google, but will also help develop your authoritativeness and trust with customers.

We will also optimize your Google Business Account, so that you are showing up in local searches.

What Sets Us Apart

Our SEO strategy is aimed at the long term success of your business. There are many companies that will use short term strategies to get traffic to your website that can have negative effects in the long term. We don’t do anything that could potentially receive a penalty from Google in one of their constant algorithm updates. All of our effort is directed at providing real value to customers which will lead to long term results.

How Will I Know That It's Working?

One thing to note is that results can often take 6 months or more to see, especially with a new or completely revamped website. We provide you with the details of how your website is performing, and help you understand the results compared to where we expect it to be. Overall our performance will be easily visible from your websites traffic. We also look at how many keywords, and how high they are ranking, and provide you with this information.