Website Creation & Updating

Having a website is crucial for any fishing guide. It’s the face of your business, and often the first impression for customers. We create a fast, professional, responsive, and user friendly website that converts views into customers.

Website Design

When built correctly a website will be visually appealing, while also giving the customer all the info they might need about your guide service in a clear, concise manner. It must also establish your expertise and trustworthiness as a fishing guide.

Our website design accomplishes exactly that.

We build a website that looks clean, is easy to read, and provides all the important information about your guide service and what you offer on the front page. We also write several blog posts about your fisheries and the techniques used to show your customers that you do really know how to fish.

Our websites are also built to be responsive so that they have the same design no matter what device a person is viewing your website on.

What is Responsiveness?

Responsiveness is how your website reacts to being viewed on different devices such as a computer, tablet, or phone. Your website needs to be just as easy to read and navigate on a large screen as it does a small one.

58% of google searches are now done on mobile which means if your website isn’t easily view able on a phone, then you are missing out on converting leads. No one wants to have to zoom in on the screen to be able to read what you’ve written.

All of our websites are designed with this in mind, and we fine tune how they look on each device.

Keeping Up To Date

There are several areas of a website that must be constantly updated to keep it performing to its full potential. We handle all of that for you.

We will maintain the back end of your website so that any software used has the latest updates. This is critical to maintain the security of your website, and so that nothing breaks. There’s nothing worse than a customer filling out a contact form only to have you never receive it.

The front end of your website also needs to stay fresh. This lets your potential customers know that you’re active and catching fish. We work with you to post recent reports and pictures, and will also write blog posts when there are good projections for a certain season in the media.

Lastly we stay up to date on the latest technologies that can improve the user experience of your website. We can make accepting credit cards seamless, or have reservations update automatically with your google calendar so that you and your website show the same availability.